Monday, March 21, 2005


One nice thing about being in a house full of people in school (Jacob in elementary, Trish teaching at the U) is that when its Spring Break, everybody gets a Spring Break. We traveled hither and yon, with weather that alternated between mild to sunny and cold to wet and icky back to beautiful again. And it is clear to me that Spring has finally sprung around here, with wildflowers popping up and increasing temperatures (this morning we're having a spring thunderstorm). I think the sweatshirts can go back into their drawer for another few months.

One nice thing about having a voracious kid reader in the house is that he's grabbing books from the "young readers" section of the bookstore that also interest me somewhat, but which I'd never have had the guts to buy for myself.

Last night he complained that school was teaching him too much stuff he already knew. This after a week off. It is really too soon for that sort of thing to start. Are we going to have to start sending him books to read if he finishes his classwork early? And how much of that did he really mean? Whenever I ask he has something new to relate that he learned.

Because of the aforementioned storm, I don't think I'm going to get to one my planned Monday projects, throwing up a lattice for some vines to climb up. Perhaps I'll just try and pick out a power saw for my birthday. No, can't do that -- yet. Need to mail off some legal stuff, make a call or three on business matters, deal with laundry issues, run by the bank -- your standard list of stuff when you've tried to take a few days off from the regular grind.

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