Wednesday, August 18, 2004

First Post

This blog represents my attempt to describe my life as a stay at home Dad. This life may be temporary or it might be permanent, I can't say right now. But I will be talking about the good, the bad, and the ugly of life as Homo Domesticus -- Domestic Man.

As I write this first post (which might get expanded into a sort of FAQ someday) I've been home for about 7 months. Somehow, it seems much longer, almost like I've been living this way my whole life. But it hasn't gotten boring or irritating yet.

One thing I should also say at the outset, and hopefully I won't have to repeat it too many times, is that what I will write about will represent my experiences. Yours may be different. In fact, they will be different. What I feel you may not feel, what works for me and my wife might not work for you or your spouse. What you find here might be helpful as a suggestion, or as an idea of what not to do. So please, if you choose to comment (and I encourage everyone to please do) do keep that in mind.

Now, on with the blog.

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