Friday, August 20, 2004

Life and Its Discontents

I had to call the credit card company this morning. Our cards didn't work yesterday. I thought it might have been some tech glitch, that sort of thing has happened before. Well, not this time. It seems that a couple of checks bounced, including the most recent one. Don't know when the first one was, the rep could only look back six months, but from the sound of things, it must have been within the last year.

That's a pain. We've got plenty of money, but its obvious that the checking account needed a fresh infusion before that last one went off. Of course, my wife just noted that we're supposed to have overdraft protection on that account.

It's far from a disaster, but it's all very irritating. At least I can make lots of phone calls from my study to straighten it out and not worry about my cow-orkers eavesdropping.

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