Friday, February 25, 2005

Family Matters

Tomorrow, my birthmother arrives. This will be only the second time I've seen her in person. Well, perhaps really the third, but I don't remember the first time, so I don't think it really counts.

You see, I'm adopted. Or was adopted, I don't know how you're supposed to tense this sort of thing. This was something I knew from a very early age. It was not dwelt on, but neither was it ignored. About seven or eight years ago, I got a call from the agency which had done the placing of baby Me. Long story short, I got back into contact with the woman who gave birth to me. Letters, phone calls, and eventually an actual visit. She lives pretty far away, and there are further complicating factors, so we haven't gotten to visit in person but the one time.

But now, a fortunate confluence of events means she is coming to visit, for about 5 days. This ought to be interesting. Last time, I was of course at work for part of the visit, and it was Trish who did the entertaining. This time it will be the reverse. What this means for next week's blogging is anyone's guess.

I'll let you know how it goes, maybe say a few words about adoption stuff, if anyone's interested.

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