Friday, February 18, 2005

Friday Miscellany

Tomorrow is Jake's 7th birthday party. Got a lot to do, and it just seems like one of those days where scheduling could be nightmarish. Carpet cleaner types, store runs 9including cupcakes for a school treat -- I'd forgotten that, extra-special housecleaning…I know I'm going to forget something or get behind an eight-ball time-wise. Here's hoping.

After all that effort laying down fresh sod, it looks like its going to rain all weekend. Oh well, we needed to lay it down anyway.

The problem with today's high-tech, well-grooved (like an all-weather tire) sneakers is that it is really, really hard to dig all the dog poop out of those ridges and divots. You just can't do it the way we learned as kids, which is to find a good clump of grass and twist back and forth like Chubby Checker on meth. Boots, which I wore quite often in my youth on the brushy plains of South Texas, had it all over sneakers when you needed to clean off less than desirable substances. Too bad they aren't as comfy.

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