Friday, October 15, 2004

Interesting Question

My friend Mark Hasty asks the question: If you could choose your kid's vice, what would it be?

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Dewdrop said...

On the whole very interesting, intelligent and entertaining answers to that question on Mark Hasty's site. Personally I would choose (soft) porn if I had to choose a vice for my children. My understanding of sort porn is such that it doesn't involve any 'extreme' stuff like beastiality, underage and/or unwilling participants etc. Also I must mention it would also mean THEY would NOT be acting in a soft porn film! To me soft porn is pretty harmless, to a certain degree, and what that degree is is hard to pinpoint, but if you take a normal well-adjusted (okay define "normal well-adjusted" hehe) person and subject them to viewing a soft porn film/magazine I doubt if it will cause any harmful effects, apart from their arousal?!?!