Monday, October 18, 2004

Time, Again

I blogged once before about how going the stay at home route (for either spouse) gives your family a lot more time to do fun stuff together because you're doing all the stuff that used to get stuffed into the cracks of your workdays and weekends during that vast river of time between 7AM and 5PM.

But I have come to realize that, despite being a lot of time, its not as much time as you think! Yup, when I started this gig, I figured I would be able to read the morning blogs, do the laundry, write long, complex analysis in my political blog (that would change the world you know, or at least the face of American politics), walk the dogs, sweep the floors, deal with the family finances, write an article for a magazine, exercise for 45 minutes, read more books, watch that blood and guts sci-fi comic-booky movie the wife would never want to see, work in the yard, get the groceries, run miscelaneous errands, and play some computer games. And that was just Monday.

Hasn't worked out that way, and if you've been doing this for longer you no doubt are wearing an indulgent smile. Sure, I probably could do more than I actually get done (I'm a famous procrastinator), but even so it would never approach what I thought would happen.

Well, we live and learn, yes? Reality is always such a pisser, as my old buddy Pete would say.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you got better. I found you via RebelDad, read several posts fom the beginning. My twins were born "today" (the blog I'm replying to). I think in the last six months you've mentioned your "kid" (Jake, right?) ONE TIME!! This is a site about stay at home Dad's , man- not stay at home whiny prima donnas. IT"S ALL ABOUT THE KIDZ