Monday, October 11, 2004

Take the Day Off

Today is looking like a simply gorgeous day. Mild, sunny, with a bit of a breeze. Texas gets some payback from its typically miserable Augusts and lame winters with lovely mild weather like this. It's also a school holiday, so Jake and I are going to head out for a bit of miniature golf and video games after he gets done practicing his drums.

We also slept in, ate blueberry muffins and banana for breakfast, and will almost certainly manage a quick run to the grocery store. If I was at work, he would have gotten up at 6AM and be sitting in his day care right now[*]. And I would be making DO loops or some fool thing.

Later, before karate class at 5PM, we might do some soccer or go to a park. Assuming his best buddy across the street isn't home. I am apparently great fun to have around, but 7-year-olds are still WAY cooler. :-)

* Actually, I shouldn't snark about his day care. Bluebonnet was actually a very good place with fun and some teaching, not simply a holding tank. Pricey, however, like most better day cares.


Anonymous said...

Better than "some teaching." He walked out of their preschool pretty nearly able to read, and with much better math skills than we would have pushed. Even the after school program, which was (appropriately) less academic, had him playing soccer, football, and swimming. Physically and intellectually stimulating, that place is better than what a lot of kids get who go straight home.

Jammer said...

I suppose this is a good time to not that I have a history of understatement. Anonymous is corect, Bluebonnet had a lot more than just "some teaching". But now I have to wonder if he's getting as good a stimulation with me. :-)