Monday, January 31, 2005

Celebrity Baby School Holiday Keepin' It Real

Today through Wednesday are school holidays, so I've got Jake at home, expect little blogging until Friday at the earliest. But I also have things to do on Friday, so it might be next week before I get 'round to more observations.

I don't want this blog to turn into a simple recounting of my week and the (sometimes) interesting things that happen to me. I always wanted to deliver a kind of meta-narrative on what its like about being a SAHD. But that sure does seem to get harder to do as I continue along this path. There are only so many times you can revisit the "Wow, lookit how much more time we have!" theme. Is this a silly concern of mine? Do people who try ther meta-narrative have ideas for how they are able to keep it fresh? Feel free to comment.

Finally, I can't help but comment on the Celebrity Babies site. I've gotten quite a lot of hits from the folks over there (and I love them all!) but I just have to ask the question: Why are coming here? I like to think Homo Domesticus provides entertainment, education, and witty social commentary, but it does seem a step or two removed from the starry offspring trail! Not that I'm complaining! Far from it. I'm just, you know, curious. Please leave a comment and tell me what you like/dislike. Or even if you're just trying new links. One thing about blogs is you can get reader input and decide to make changes if you feel like it.


kelly said...

Hello Stay-at-home Dad,

My name's Kelly and I just wanted to say hello. I found your site when I was researching a search string that brought someone to MY site: "jake, write, blogspot." I've found when you keep a free-form sort of journal, you get hits from the oddest places. I'm obsessed with finding out who's reading me. Not many, from what I can tell. They find me thru search strings like "floppy boobs" and "sexy pictures of benazir bhutto" but I doubt that they stick around when they find out I'm blogging about my son.

I have a Jake also (just turned one), and my husband is a SAHD. I like your blog. Keep it up. Just let go and don't worry about revisiting themes too often. If a theme consistenly re-appears, it's obviously something that needs working through and writing about.


Rahim said...

I came for the sexy pictures of Benazir Bhutto, I'm not gonna lie...Seriously, though.