Friday, January 07, 2005

Choose, But Choose With Knowledge

I wanted to write about what made for drudge work and what made for play work in the SAH world, but the ideas I had seemed to evaporate as I sat down to write. For now, I guess we'd better just acknowledge that doing the same sets of things every week can become boring and seen as drudgery. You just have to be ready for that and recall the other drudgery you faced in the office -- because I suspect that if you loved your away from home job, you wouldn't make the choice to be at home, unless it was forced upon you by circumstances. But then you'd still be faced with the end of the novelty at some point, and yearn for what you loved before, assuming it was possible to get back to it in some way.

I have had jobs I liked and jobs I loathed, and in my case it really boiled down to the people I worked with and for. As a solitary type of person, I find the loss of that contact (when it was good) a negative, but nearly so as to make me want to change my mind about being mostly a SAHD. And the crap-shoot aspect of finding a good office environment doesn't make me eager to try again, either.

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