Wednesday, January 26, 2005

A Days Work Before 9AM

If I can ignore the dogs long enough (squirrels have been in the yard this morning, and so every time a leaf blows or I scratch my nose they bolt for the back door) I can write this short post about this morning.

Today is group picture day at Jake's school. I've known this for a week. The note with the little envelope to send in a check for the photo has been on the kitchen island for the last three days. Each day, I would forget to write the check, gripe at my failure, and say to myself that I'd write it "tomorrow". Well, today there was no "tomorrow" to be had, as after seeing Jake off at the bus stop and walking the dogs, I came home to find the picture envelope leering accusingly at me from the kitchen island. Just to add insult to injury, I hadn't taken into account the described background ("rustic red brick with ivy") when dressing him in a red shirt.

So there was Jake at school with no picture money, a shirt that would clash, and no doubt a serious bit of upset coming on. But, I was at home, staring at that hateful envelope, and not at work, suddenly remembering (assuming, that is, I remembered at all).

I grabbed my checkbook, scrawled some numbers on it, stuffed it into the envelope, dashed upstairs, tried to find a shirt (or two) that might go with red and green (I'm not sure I succeeded), jumped in the car, stopped and goed my way to his school, jogged up to his room, dropped them all off, and got back in time to pay bills and write this piece.

I'd pay myself on the back harder if I couldn't help remembering that if I'd just written the doggone check last night none of this would have been necessary. :-)

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