Friday, January 14, 2005

Just Checking In Again

As you could see from the lack of posts since Tuesday, Jacob was not quite well until, I think, last night. I mistakenly let him go to school on Wednesday due to an apparently broken fever and claims of feeling good, but that evening the fever was back (our doc has said that fevers tend to be highest in the afternoon and evening). But yesterday numerous temperature readings showed normal, and we declared him healed. Of course, now Trish is showing signs of coming down with something.

School is out Monday for MLK day. Probably won't be any blogging then.

The writing project hasn't really gone anywhere, what with the disruptions of the past week, but the acting one at least has something to aim at. Two productions are going to be shooting soon in here in Austin, and are accepting submissions. I've got the photo place working on some 8x10s as we speak. It would be nice to get something with a line. Crowd scenes are completely necessary, but you should know, I'm a complete ham.

Speaking of smoked meats, we are having a potential candidate for new pastor of our church down this weekend, and I have been volunteered to smoke brisket for the meal. Cool. I love working my smoker, but rarely get the chance to do so. It takes so long, and with Trish being vegetarian, its serious overkill to get the thing going for just Jacob and myself. Which is too bad, people seem to think I'm pretty good at it. Another good thing about this is that it might mean the end of the Call Committee, which Trish has been on and has sucked up a lot of her free time over the past 6 months.

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